Participation council

The school has a participation council (MR). The MR consists of eight members: four parents (parent section, OMR) and four teachers (staff section, PMR). The OMR members are elected by the parents for a period of three years.


What does the MR do?

Every school has an MR. The MR consults with the management and the school board on important school matters such as improvements in education, determining days off and the choice of a teaching method.


What is the MR's role?

The MR has the right to information, the right to consultation and the right of initiative. In addition, there is the right to consent and the right to advice. The right to consent means that the management may only implement a proposed decision after the MR has agreed to it. In the case of the right to give advice, the management may disregard the MR's advice, giving reasons for doing so.


What does the MR specifically do?

The MR meets once every six weeks. The dates are listed in the school calendar. The MR meetings are open to the public. If you would like to attend a meeting and contribute something, please contact the MR at The minutes are retrievable from the same e-mail address.



The MR can be reached at You can also approach members of the MR personally. Mail for the MR can be deposited in the mailbox at Kindercampus, stating MR.